News 03/06/17


Le transfert des informations présentent ici vers mon nouveau site internet est désormais terminé. J’ai, donc, décidé de supprimer l’ensemble des pages (inutile de les avoir en double).

Je vous invite, donc, à suivre mes recherches sur les opérations aériennes en Afrique Orientale (et d’autres sujets) désormais sur le site internet suivant :

Bonne lecture et à bientôt sur le nouveau site internet.

NB : je ferais en sorte de conserver cette page pendant quelques mois avant de supprimer définitivement mon ancien site internet.



The transfer of information here to my new website is now complete. So, I decided to delete all the pages (no need to have them in duplicate).

I invite you, therefore, to follow my research on Air Operations in East Africa (and other subjects) now on the following website:


Happy reading and see you soon on the new website.

NB: I keep this page for a few months before permanently deleting my old website.



8 réflexions au sujet de « News 03/06/17 »

    1. ajcrou Auteur de l’article


      Thanks for the information. I forgot to activate several options.

      Normally, the like button is now enabled on the new website.

      I also activate an option to subscribe (by e-mail) to the website. In the right column of the homepage (Only on the home page, to facilitate reading articles).
      – East Africa :
      – No.615 (RAF) Squadron :
      – Book reviews :
      I hope the subscription system works (normally it’s the same system as for Do not hesitate to notify me if there is a problem.

      I also use the use of the account to post comments (again, I hope everything works).

      Sincerely, is a very good way of fast website creation. But, unfortunately, some limitations.
      The new version of the website allows me a larger space to load different photos and documents (in better quality). And better management for a double French – English version.

      Today: 03/06/17:
      – all pages of the site on the No.615 Squadron are available in French and English (similar for book reviews.
      – concerning the site on East Africa: for now only the new pages (I will try gradually to translate and rewrite, to add new information, all the old articles).
      Obviously, the English version is not perfect (my written English is very average), but I will try to improve. In any case, I think an English version is an advantage, unfortunately not everyone speaks our beautiful French language.

      Best Regards,
      Alexis Rousselot

      1. ajcrou Auteur de l’article

        Edit :
        Normally, there is also an option: « Notify me of new posts via email » under the comment window (normally, same as with the version).

        The option can normally be used with the wordpress account.

      2. GP Cox

        I’ll give everything a try. And I must say, I’ve never had trouble with your English. (Wish I could say the same for trying to learn a different language – tried but no success)

        1. ajcrou Auteur de l’article

          To complete my previous answer (I did a test to check the subscription system)

          For example for East Africa :

          – on the Home Page (English Version) or Presentation Page (French Version). Only on Home page or Presentation Page.
          – In the right-hand column
          – SUBSCRIBE TO THIS WEBSITE (With below a form marked « E-Mail »)
          – Write email (Normally, according to the instructions of the program, vous pouvez utiliser le même mail que pour le compte de WordPress).
          – click subscribe
          – Normally, you should receive an email (to this address) to confirm the subscription, and in principle everything works (I tested by creating an email address and publishing a test article).

          Best Regards,
          Alexis Rousselot


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